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La Specola (2004)

The centerpiece of the installation is a textural latex sculpture with intrusions and protrusions through which participants interact with a touch-screen video interface. The sculpture must be penetrated awkwardly, performing the desire and difficulty of reaching within the body that is at the heart of the will to know. While engaging with the sculpture, participants are monitored by surveillance cameras, which others may watch on TV’s located inside small pods on the floor. To do so, they must climb inside the pods and lie on their backs with their legs sticking out: assuming the lithotomy position of gynecology. The stations are therefore both privileged and vulnerable. An intimate performance unfolds between the material works and the participants’ neighboring bodies, through which a space opens up to critically examine social behaviors.

The trilogy of videos, including Teeth in the Wrong Places, Concoctions and Spills, creates shifting roles of performance and storytelling that complicate the power dynamics of medical scopic regimes. Within the three videos, historical and contemporary ideas intermingle to form a portrait of our relationship to gender, the body’s viscera, and the conditioning of embodiment set forth by myth and medicine.

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