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Marshmallow Crash (2008)


Marshmallow Crash depicts an American Pie character as she violently confronts an oversized marshmallow amidst an idyllic pastoral landscape. The light, fluffy buoyancy promised by the giant marshmallow is never quite delivered as the character repeatedly impacts the marshmallow and is left marked, exhausted and unfulfilled.

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Performance of crashing into a giant marshmallow trampoline, digital video with sound, 4 min looping.
Production still.

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Navin Norling, production assistance; Skowhegan faculty, staff and residents; Produced & filmed at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. Special thanks to Chris Kubick of the Double Archive for sound assistance.

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Marshmallow Crash (2008)

Digital video with sound, 4 min, looping.
Audio is best experienced with headphones.

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