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Speaking to the Inside: a tour of our guts in sound (2009)

Speaking to the Inside:
a tour of our guts in sound (2009)
“Every material substance has a resonant sound frequency. This is an optimum frequency at which the object will most effectively bounce back or re-emit the sound waves, rather than absorbing them or allowing them to pass through. An object exposed to its resonant frequency will vibrate in sympathy with the sound. An artist and mathematician, Barbara Hero, determined what the resonant frequencies are of individual human body organs. She collaborated with ultrasound radiologists at MGH, who “tune in” to the resonant frequencies of visceral tissues in order to get the best image, constructed of mapped, re-emitted soundwaves.

Using these sounds and the tactile sound stage, we are going to take an internal tour of the body in attempt to feel some of our guts. I invite you to lie on top of the stage on your back, with your knees up. When you hear and feel the sound, try to match its pitch with your voice and vocalize it. Imagine you are speaking to your internal organ, communicating to it, vibrating in sympathy. It will help you to fully embody the sound.”

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Waves & Signs Conference, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT. Photo by Donna Coveney.

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Click to view a tiny excerpt
Full presentation of ‘Speaking to the Inside’
Compiled selections from the Waves & Signs Conference
Waves & Signs Conference Information

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Wendy Jacob, curator & organizer of the Waves & Signs Conference; Barbara Hero; Funding provided by the MIT Council for the Arts

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