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The Marshmallow Suicide (2008)

The Marshmallow Suicide (2008)

In The Marshmallow Suicide, a desperately nostalgic American Pie character slowly gluttonizes a giant marshmallow while repeating the chorus of Don McLean’s “American Pie.” The cathartic repetition impels the figure to float away on the lake atop the marshmallow, and subsequently drown herself in an act of despair.

The performance employs elements of American iconography: Miss Firecracker, the painterly summer landscape, a pop song everyone loves and knows well (but only the chorus), and a mass of fluffy sweet nothingness— the marshmallow. In a slow, violent convergence of patriotic nostalgia, the hopes and promises of America are devoured, supplicated and put to death.

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Performance with giant marshmallow, digital video with sound, 8 min. Production still, photography by Monika Sziladi.

Screenings & Exhibitions →

· Queen Elizabeth Theatre, “Culture Shock: Video Interventions,” curated by Vancouver Art Gallery for the Olympics, Vancouver, BC (2010)
· Float: Buoyant Things, a Sinking Feeling, Program Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010)
· Videokills, Stadtbadd, Berlin, Germany (2009)
· Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, Perth, Australia (2009)

Thanks →

Austin Shull, camera; Lydia Greer, audio & production; Navin Norling, production assistance; Monika Sziladi, still photography; Waneeta Marquis & Shawn Thornton, culinary support; Skowhegan faculty, staff and residents; Produced & filmed at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture

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