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The Whisper Opera (2006)

he opera consists of several small silicone objects cast from the negative space of the mouth and sewn with gold wire. They are equipped with light sensors and speakers to make them whisper and sing to their holders when removed from their velvet-lined tiers and held in the palm of the hand.

I am interested in the electronic and the organic finding each other, merging and playing together to create interfaces where human audiences touch upon the cyborg in themselves— creating tactile, technological experiences that are neither commercial nor banal.

To create an intimate, playful experience for audiences, this tiny alien object is still recognizable as an organic part of the human mechanism— one that is so essential to our expression, subsistence, pleasure and culture— the mouth. These objects, approachable and tactile yet made precious by an opulent speak to audiences in electronic whispers. The audience is encouraged to cradle the mouths and hold them together with other people (one in each palm) to make a mini chorus of electronic mouths.

· Bent Festival 2006, The Tank, New York, NY (April 2006)
· “More than Meets the Eye” group exhibition, William Paterson University Galleries, Wayne, NJ (September 2006 – August 2007) “Catapult” group exhibition, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD

Many thanks to Michael McBean for his collaboration; to Dana Maisel for writing the beautiful poems; and to Mike Rosenthal and the Bent Festival for providing the energy and space to create the Whisper Opera.



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