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Viral Shelter (2007-08)

Many viruses organize the proteins in their viral capsids according to principles of geodesic structures. The hepatitis C virus becomes a site for shelter and conversations that rarely occur in a public space. In this massive reversal of scale, a metaphorical relationship may be established with a virus that operates outside of initial fears and the sphere of traditional medicine, enabling the emergence of a new conceptualization of the body’s ecosystem and permeability .

“Tea Party to Befriend a Virus” is a tactical performance in which participants are invited to consume the hepatitis C truffles and discuss the virus in a non-medical environment. The individual encounters and conversations at each site are actively productive, if ephemeral. The tea parties are held in the “Viral Shelter.”

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Geodesic dome, painted wood & gold organza. 12 x 12 x 6′. Gallery 400, Chicago, “Biological Agents.” Photograph Chelsea Tonelli Knight.

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· Gallery 400, Chicago, IL, “Biological Agents,” with Natalie Jeremijenko & Brandon Ballengée, curated by Christa Donner & Andrew Yang (2008)

· Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center for Biotechnology & Bioart, Troy, NY (2007)

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James Levi Schmid


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